August 28th Mixed Media Patterns and Shapes

August 28th Mixed Media Patterns and Shapes


Tuesday August 21st 6:00-9:00

If you want to create a really unique work of art for your home you have come to the right place!! This mixed media abstract piece is so much fun to create!

1.  Begin by painting the back of your canvas with a metallic - gold, copper, silver, etc.

1. Choose from a variety of interesting papers to create a shape of your choice, circles, squares, ovals, etc.

3. Organize your shapes onto your canvas

4. in the remaining spots you will layer down gel medium and drawn patterns: lines, zig zags, etc.

Your painting will need drying time so you may choose to pick it up on a later date.

All materials are included!

-18x24" gallery wrapped canvas

-metallic paints

- patterned papers


- all painting materials

- Gel medium

You will also receive a complimentary snack!

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