Cass Miller Inspired 3 Day Course

Cass Miller Inspired 3 Day Course


Are you interested in painting in my style?

This is a 3 day course where you will learn the techniques behind my style.  This type of painting requires SEVERAL layers so it is important to come to all three days.  If you have an idea and image of something that you have been wanting to try now iw your chance. You MUST email your image prior to the course So Cass can double check your image and ensure it is something you can manage. OR if you don't have a specific image she will provide images that she feels are interesting. By the end of the course you will create yourself an amazing 24x30" Painting

DAY 1: Choose your image, Go over the colour wheel,  Choose your colours and create a rough draft. Prep your canvas (If doing an image of large florals like my daises) you will need to prep the drawing today!

DAY 2: Create a light drawing of your image onto your canvas. Begin to paint your darkest colours onto your canvas, moving on to light and lighter.
DAY 3 continue layering your paint and begin to create texture and details until complete. If you would like your piece varnished you will leave it over night and pick it up on the 20th

This course is LIMITED so register early!!!!

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